Clinton Global Initiative: Sweet, The Press!


Event: Clinton Global Initiative

Location: Sheraton on 7th Avenue

Purpose: non-partisan catalyst for action blah blah global leaders from various backgrounds blah blah innovative solutions blah blah pressing challenges.

Poverty Alleviation, Energy & Climate Change, Education, and Global Health are on the agenda for this afternoon’s working sessions, but coming this morning — Bill Clinton! Lance Armstrong! Al Gore! Bono! Runnin’ Scared wonders how we can fuck this up. Get an arm stuck in the men’s room hand-dryer and miss Bono singing “My Azerbaijani Home”? Wonder if the lounge bar is open.

Status: Breakfast. We received a press briefing and two mini-danish. (Main idea: read the agenda, go where it says, arrive early.) About half the 120-or-so Fourth Estaters present are serious and well-dressed. The old long-necked duffer next to me is wearing a checkered shirt, but his tie is rich and lustrous, he has a grey mustache, just like Walter Cronkite, and a guy in a thousand-dollar suit just came over and joked collegially with him about blogging: “Doing some actual work, huh?” This reenforces our neurotic conviction that resizing our own photos makes us totally amateur, and we are starting to rethink wearing this suit we stole from a downtown theatre costume shop in 2007 and have not since dry-cleaned.

Whoops, we’re being sent someplace!


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