Jonathan Ames, Tonight: Words Projected on the Side of a Building No One Can Now Afford


Star of this week’s Voice and Fiona Apple paramour Jonathan Ames will have the additional ego boost this evening of seeing his work projected against the side of a gigantic luxury building, as part of the apparently arts-related roll-out of One York, a luxury edifice in Tribeca designed by Enrique Norten. Ames’ll be joined, according to the Post, by fellow writer A.M. Homes, Sloane Crosley, Paul Haggis, and, er, Ernest Hemingway.

The extremely McInerney-looking swank organization The Accompanied Literary Society are the apparent perpetrators. One wonders to whom, exactly, exercises like this appeal—forced to imagine this event, we can only summon the infamous Yves Grandchatte/MoMA scene in Dana Vachon’s Mergers and Acquisitions, which, come to think of it, has probably just joined Bright Lights Big City in the annals of books that depict a New York that no longer exists in any way shape or form. Kind of like this event?

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