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McCain, Palin in New York; Hand-Shaking in Times Square Not Planned


Both John McCain and Sarah Palin are in town, and you know what that means — if the terrorists among us detonate a suitcase nuke (remember those?), Mike Huckabee becomes President of White People.

CBS News reports McCain will join Palin for high-level talks with Georgian President Saakashvili, Ukrainian President Yushchenko, Indian Prime Minister Singh, Cisco CEO John Chambers, and Bono. McCain also goes on Letterman, but without Palin, which ratings-hungry CBS will probably regret.

At National Review, editor and wishful thinker in chief Kathryn J. Lopez advises Palin to spend her downtime in “a total charm offensive” mostly involving jaded media figures such as Alan Colmes and Rush Limbaugh. “Obviously, if she can be comfortable with someone of [Henry Kissinger’s] stature,” Lopez enthuses before trailing off, “…share the love.” We think Palin should instead come to the Voice‘s neighborhood. She’ll enjoy the small-town feel, and there’s a K-Mart right on Astor Place.


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