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Morning Papers: Boxer-Slay Suspect, S.I. Denial, Law Firm Confession, Etc.


New York Daily News: Back in August Golden Gloves champ and aspiring pro welterweight Ronnie Vargas of the Bronx was shot dead in what appeared to be a random dispute. Today the News reports that cops picked up one Jose Coimbre in Virginia for the crime, which was allegedly inspired by Vargas’ involvement with Coimbre’s niece, of which the former drug convict did not approve.

New York Post: Adam Lynn says Lucas Robak picked a fight with him over a high-school handball tournament and got them both suspended. That was back in 2002, and not the issue at hand, which is that at their high school reunion in Gramercy Park this month, Robak got revenge by having another former classmate, Jacob Namer, hold Lynn still while Robak beat him up. Criminal court, for some reason, did properly address this outrage, so Lynn is suing for $2 million.

Staten Island Advance: Bob Straniere reiterated his desire to remain the GOP Congressional candidate in the 13th District, despite recent, peculiar machinations within the party apparently meant to dissuade him. “I’m not getting off the line for nobody, no way, no how. I am totally committed to this race,” says Strainere to the Advance. But some unnamed local politicians believe Straniere had been open to the allegedly unsolicited Manhattan judicial nomination he lately received, and changed his mind after the trigger was pulled.

New York Law Journal: Harvard Law grad and Sullivan & Cromwell partner Carlos J. Spinelli-Noseda responded to a disciplinary investigation with a resignation from the Bar, admitting nolo contendre to billing Sullivan and its clients fraudulently for travel and entertainmet expenses in excess of half a million dollars, making him the new category leader.

NY1: “Effort To End Homelessness Behind Schedule.” This piquant headline refers to city councilmembers’ complaints against the city’s Homeless Services department, despite the great praise it has recently received from the Mayor.

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