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Is This You (LES ca. 1968)?


photo by Mike Gaines

In the late 1960s, Mike Gaines was a young VISTA volunteer stationed on the Lower East Side. Among his assignments was “visiting an old Jewish lady who lived by herself and whom nobody could get along with… eating her lunches was the hardest part”; getting involved in local community projects; and taking a bunch of kids from Hamilton-Madison House on field trips.

“They were like kids from ’30s movies,” says Gaines. “We’d be walking past fruit carts and the kids would grab a piece of fruit and run. I had to stop and pay the guys.”

Gaines, who now runs his own legal video services company in California, got to wondering what became of those kids. That’s their picture (and maybe yours) above. If it is, drop us a line and we can put you in touch with him.


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