Animated-Gif Flyer of the Year, So Far: The Eskalators’ Subway Show


The Eskalators
Venue: The 7 Train
Also on the Bill: Michael Jordan and the Polyps, WM Louie (from Runtime Error), Times Square tourists, toothless vagabonds
Date: Saturday, September 27
Cost: $2 on your metrocard
Designer: Jason Coscia

What To Expect Based on the MySpace event-listing info: A Gameboy-thrashing on the subway platform, followed by an Eskalators performance on the 7 Train. Then everybody gets off at the Willets Point stop, where “Michael Jordan and the Polyps and maybe the Vultures will play in Flushing Meadows Park at the big globe fountain which I think is in the opening of Friends? Cool?”

What To Expect Based on This Blog: The last time they did something like this, Melissa Giannini went. “The last car erupts into the Eskalators’ unbridled ska-cophony—it seems as though every third person is part of the band—the car lurches forward and so do keyboards, horns, vibes, a guy holding a rainstick, but no one misses a beat. It’s easily the most exciting 30 minutes of the entire day.”

What To Expect Based Solely on the Flyer: Big tongues, handlebar mustaches, blinking noses, one scary-ass MTA clown.

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