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Anthony Weiner: GOP Got It “Off Their Chest,” Will Deal on Bailout


In a conference call this afternoon Congressman Anthony Weiner told reporters that House Republicans had “blind-sided just about everyone” with their sudden opposition to the Bush bailout plan — particularly because “everyone pretty much understood the outlines of the plan” prior to yesterday’s contentious meeting.

But Weiner was confident that a package would be agreed upon by Monday. He said he believed Republican Congressional leaders Roy Blunt and John Boehner, who spearheaded the opposition, are now “basically saying, ‘OK, we’ve got these things off our chest, now we’re ready'” to make a deal.

Asked how his support of a $700 billion bailout of bankrupt banks squared with his professed focus on the needs of middle-class people (Weiner’s website says his 2005 Mayoral run was “animated by the plight of the middle class”), Weiner said “This is a middle-class problem. If you can’t get a car loan… then a credit crisis is a real problem… if you live on a block with two foreclosures, it’s a real problem… if you’re someone who works in Century 21, this is your problem. When the financial service sector of our country catches cold, all five boroughs catch pneumonia.”

He also said the bill was “the most important legislation for New York since September 11th.


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