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Sarah Palin for New York Tourism


“Every American student needs to come through this area, so that, especially this younger generation of Americans is, to be in a position of never forgetting what happened here, and never repeating, never allowing a repeat of what happened here. I wish every American would come through here, I wish every world leader would come through here, and understand what it is that took place here, and more importantly how America came together united, to commit to never allowing this to happen again, and to just hear and from and see these good New Yorkers who are rebuilding not just this area but helping to rebuild Americans, and very very inspiring and encouraging, these are the good Americans who are committed to peace and security, and it’s been an absolute honor getting to meet these folks today.” (From a brief meeting with the press near Ground Zero — ABC video here.)

Related: Palin’s parents “were on Staten Island in 2001 as part of the post-9/11 relief efforts… Their job was to make sure birds and rats did not disturb the debris from the collapsed World Trade Center towers… They used snap-traps to catch mice and rats and pyrotechnics to scare off the gulls. If the birds persisted, the couple shot them as a last resort…” — Staten Island Advance.


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