State Comptroller: MTA Fucked; You, Too


State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issues a report on the outlook for MTA funding, and Second Ave. Sagas breaks it down for you: “The turmoil on Wall Street has created serious fiscal challenges for the City and the State, which will likely limit their ability to provide additional assistance to the MTA.”

Also from the report: “After assessing the gap-closing program and other risks, the MTA still faces remaining operating budget gaps that could total $522 million in 2009, $1.4 billion in 2010,” etc. And: “The next [MTA] capital program is expected to have a funding gap of at least $15 billion.”

If you were going to complain about the shitty service on your subway line, be aware that the deskbound token clerks of the MTA will wave it away: there is no money to do anything, and you should ask your boss, your gf or bf, and your cat to be more understanding of your late arrivals.