Union Protesters to Wall Street: Bullshit, Bastards, Etc.


Union members converged on Wall Street yesterday to protest the proposed $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Here’s Reuters‘ expurgated report: “Signs read ‘No Blank Checks For Wall Street’ and ‘Our Hard-Earned Pensions Are Not Up For Grabs.’ Protesters cheered repeated calls for the government to spend money on education, health care and housing as freely and readily as it was proposing to do for Wall Street.”

Perhaps Reuters’ style guide disallowed the earthier language we heard at the rally. For example:

Union rep to crowd: “Palin is George Bush in lipstick! This is bullshit!”

150 protesters response: “Bull-shit! Bull-shit! Bull-shit!”

ACORN leader: “No bailout for a bunch of bastards!”

Crowd: “Bailout! Get the hell out!”

And so it went, until the final speaker told everyone that it was time to go back to work. As the scores of teachers, construction workers, city employees and other union members began to disperse, the last chant of the afternoon rang out: “O-bam-a! O-bam-a!”

We expect that as more financial firms reveal themselves to be totally fucked, we will hear more outspoken calls for Wall Street and its enablers to get their asses in gear and their shit together.

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