Bernie Mac Speaks From the Great Beyond


As you know, Soul Men has already beat The Dark Knight in earning a macabre place in history; TWO of its stars—Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes—died after filming was wrapped. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the third star, Samuel L. Jackson, stayed locked in his house in mortal terror from now on (though most accidents happen at home). This double tragedy was only topped by The Conquerer, the 1956 film with John Wayne as Genghis Kahn, which had SHITLOADS of its actors die, though that was not just a bizarre quirk of fate; the film was shot near an atomic testing site in Utah and the stars died of cancer!

But back to Soul Men, a raucous comedy about feuding backup singers with two dead people. I hear they’ve put in some documentary footage over the closing credits as a sort of homage to Bernie and Isaac. In the footage, the stars talk (as themselves) about life and the biz, and it’s supposedly a nice touch, especially coming after two hours of furry-vagina jokes. In his remarks, Mac says that for him, comedy requires dedication and he always gives 100%. That’s true! The man gave his life to comedy–literally–and now it’s your turn to give back by paying to see Soul Men and not talking back to the screen that much.

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