Black Bean Monday: Cheap Eats?


It’s hard to write about the next place to get yer $15 cocktails when it seems like we’ll soon be living in boxes and eating packs of ramen for three meals a day.

But there are ways to eat and drink cheaply in New York, at home or out. You just might want to avoid all the places where the bartenders are called mixologists.

For home cooking, I nominate dried beans for best cheap date. You can make a good black bean soup for less than a dollar per serving—all you really need, when you get down to it, is beans, water, garlic, onion, spices and salt. And if you’re feeling flush you can add a few strips of bacon.

For cheap eating out, I love Yissel’s 71 Chimichurri truck, which parks on Fourth Avenue at 36th Street in Brooklyn, from 8pm until dawn, Wednesday-Monday. A chimichurri, the massive, mayo-ed, hot sauced, torpedo-rolled Dominican hamburger, will probably fill you up for a few days for less than $5.

So, what are your plans for avoiding the breadlines? What are the most delicious ways you know of to eat ultra-cheaply?


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