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Morning Papers: Sunset, Hip Rebbe, Bad Club, Mating Teachers, QM2 in SI


Gawker says freelancers have been notified that today’s edition of the New York Sun will be the last. If that’s true, we thank the six-year-old broadsheet for some good fun, some great writers, and today’s article on a topic dear to our hearts, bedbugs. The Sun says that New York bedbug control lags behind other that of other cities, in part because of “disagreement over which city agency should handle” the pests. If this article helps change that, it would be a grand legacy.

The New York Times celebrates Rosh Hashanah with a story about Lubavitcher Rabbi Simon Jacobson, whose Meaningful Life Center is “known for blending religious teaching with tai chi, introductory kabbalah and Hasidic rap,” and whose appointment to the Orthodox Community Synagogue on East Sixth Street is hoped to bring new, young members to its congregation. Jacobson has already drawn a crowd of 250 to the Synagogue with a service featuring a “reggae rapper” and a “cantorial blues band.” (A classic Voice story on Lubavitchers is here.)

The New York Post covers a Sunday morning bottle- and chair-throwing melee at the Tahona nightlub in Astoria. Outside the club, five people were stabbed. Neighbors complain about the loud noise and violence: “I usually put my police scanner on at 4 a.m. to catch the fights,” says one.

The New York Daily News spots a strange trend at Park Slope’s Middle School 88: twelve of its teachers have intermarried. The faculty also boasts “one engagement and numerous long-term relationships.” Some of the pairings “grew out of ‘staff enrichment’ sessions every Friday — otherwise known as happy hour,” reports the News.

While the liner Queen Mary 2 waits for better weather to ship off into the North Atlantic, it will dock at Stapleton, says the Staten Island Advance. We wonder if it’ll get the kind of attention it received when it was docked in Red Hook. (Maybe the Manhattan Institute can use it as a peg for another pro-development article.)

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