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Mozzarepa Backlash? Mayor and Others Denounce Street Fairs


Don’t like funnel cake, two-dollar pad thai, and street-side bedsheet sales? Mike Bloomberg has your back. “I think we have too many street fairs,” the Mayor told a recent town hall according to the New York Post. “Street fairs supposedly help communities by giving a lot of money. I don’t think you can ever find a dime that they ever got from them.” (The Post says New York got $1.6 million last year from the 20-percent vig it collects on fairs “that occupy more than a block,” though from our observation the city could probably at least double that by including the many single-block fairs that stink up our summer streets.)

The Mayor also offers aesthetic criticism: “They’re supposed to do unique things. [But] They’re all the same.” Metblogs’ Dhaval Mehta concurs. “Generic, simplistic, and mass produced,” declares Mehta. “It’s like U.N. Week every Sunday in some neighborhoods of Manhattan. There’s no way around or through certain areas.”

Trend? Even the great Ninth Avenue Food Festival has a couple of sour reviews at Yelp.


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