Renee Zellweger Comes To Lifetime


I’m a sucker for those weepy Lifetime movies (I’m a big fan of Markie Post), so I was there for last week’s premiere of Living Proof, an uplifter about the real-life trials for a breast cancer drug that ended up saving lotsa lives. Yes, Lifetime has premieres now! And even an after-dinner at the Plaza! The star of the movie, Harry Connick, Jr., was there (fresh off playing the dreamy breast doctor) and so was one of his costars Bernadette Peters, who performed “No One Is Alone,” even drowning out the sound of clanking forks and CD-grabbing.

But for me, the wackiest moment was being approached by a very friendly man who turned out to be the dad of another Living Proof producer, Renee Zellweger! (Sidebar: Renee got involved in the film because the drug it’s about, Herceptin, cured her publicist’s cancer. Yay! Even I feel publicists should live.) Anyway, pressured to carry on a conversation with the Oscar winner’s dad by the buffet line, I came up with the immortal, “I liked Renee in Appaloosa.” “I haven’t seen that one,” he replied, uncertainly. And suddenly I felt even closer to Renee than her own flesh and blood!

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