Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: The Tough Alliance’s “Neo Violence”


Last week’s prediction: Grey’s Anatomy, Grey’s Anatomy, Grey’s Anatomy

Two discernable criteria emerge: To the ‘Grey’s Anatomy minor league try-out of the week,’ let us now add the ‘records Marc Hogan favorably reviewed for Pitchfork last October, 2007’ category as one of apparently only two options the iTunes selectors have when choosing their free single of the week. This week’s single, by Sweden’s Tough Alliance, passes the Black Kids test: internet ancient, unintentionally controversial (the song supposedly addresses a baseball bat-related controversy in Stockholm, where the duo were once kicked offstage), and free on the internet for ages before iTunes deigned to give it away for seven whole days in 2008.

General consensus, as expressed by the ominously named commenter MormonMom: “It’s really hard to write a review on a song you only hear 30 seconds of [?] but I’ll have a stab at it: It sounded like a song from the 80s and it wasn’t good enough for me to even take the free song. It’s like getting free food when it’s bad and you aren’t desperate enough to eat it anyway.” Fair enough—she’d probably hate Datarock.

Mysteriously, this song may in fact not be about violence at all: one of the Tough Alliances sports eyeblack in the video. So the song’s really about baseball, I think.

Next week’s prediction: The Honeydrips?

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