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Early Opposition to Bloomberg Power Grab


“After 9/11, the mere suggestion that the emergency conditions made it appropriate for Rudy Giuliani to seek a term-limit repeal and run for a third term spurred great howling,” says rightwing columnist Andy McCarthy at National Review, “But Bloomberg is a liberal much loved by the Times. I’m betting the tsk-tsk’ing will be muted.”

As you have seen, Tom Robbins has hardly been mute. Nor has Room Eight, which headlined, “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me So Much They’ll Let Me Overturn NY’s Democracy.”

“Bloomberg to Be Lord God King of Manhattan,” says Radar.

“Mike probably did just look at the motley crew of successors lining up to replace him and think to himself that only he is smart enough to guide the city through the coming crisis,” says Gawker. “Which is a very good reason to let him know that we’ve had enough, thanks, good work Mike. Have fun back in the private sector or maybe running against David Paterson.”

Not to mention the New York politicians who are already speaking out against the power grab, and the Democratic Mayoral candidates who continue to oppose him.

Power-encrusted institutions, journalistic or otherwise, may be muting such tsks as they have, but New York has enough loudmouths to go around.


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