I Am Now a Lipstick!


That’s right, folks. I may not exactly be any kind of journalist, but I am definitely a fucking lipstick. According to Stephen Saban‘s wonderful blog, WOW Report, club kid killer Michael Alig just sent a letter to his friend James St. James from jail and in it he included a sheet from a fashion magazine which wrote up a line of nightclubby neon lipsticks. And honey, if a convicted murderer and body hacker noticed it, it MUST be really chic!

The ‘sticks are based on the most memorable ’80s nightclubs–Area, Limelight, Palladium, and Danceteria–and the official description says they bring back DayGlo memories of dancing at those hotspots “with the likes of RuPaul, Michael Musto, Dianne Brill, Leigh Bowery, Susanne Bartsch, and fashion designer Zaldy.”

Well, the memories must be a little cloudy because I don’t dance–I’d rather eat cardboard–but still, I’m thrilled to have become the inspiration for people to make their lips glow in the dark so people’s genitals can find them.

Wait, more gloating: Last night on Gossip Girl, when they cut to a seating chart for a fashion show, my name was on it! And I’m not even on real fashion shows’ seating charts!

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