Michael Lucas Farts Film is a Gas


When someone loudly passes wind, is your immediate reaction, “Ooh! Hot!”? Then gay porn king Michael Lucas has just the movie for you. It’s the debut entry in the Lucas Raunch Line and it’s called Farts!, a wondrous journey into flatulence–and other stinky turn-ons–that promises to “plunge into the sleaziest depths of sexual depravity you can imagine.”

The plot description alone is enough to make you run for the toilet: “Danny Delta gets pumped full of hot air by Jason Crew. Cam Casey diddles his ass with a banana. Josef Jakobs and Micah Lawrence make ends meet with a double headed dildo. And, of course, gallons of piss drinking, squirtacular enemas, farts, and much, much more.”

Still not wildly aroused? Oh, please! You’re obviously a boring old fart.

Update: Uh-oh. I stepped right into Lucas’s smelly trap. He’s been positively gloating about all the attention this cinematic stinkbomb is getting thanks to the brilliance of his naming it Farts!. “I’m laughing all the way to the bank,” he said in a typically perverse mass email. Yeah, but you better hurry, Michael, because the bank is probably going bankrupt.

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