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Obama Is a Leg Man


When yesterday’s inbox contained an item whose abbreviated subject line read, “Get your official Obama-Biden yar…” I immediately thought that in the spirit of the High Holy Days a special yarmulke had been issued by the campaign. But when I clicked, it turned out that the pitch was actually for “yard signs,” an article as useless in Manhattan as tfillin at an Opus Dei convention.

But better news arrived today, with an e-mail advertising Obama knee socks, navy cotton-poly-spandex hose with a big bold Obama in red marching militantly up their sides, for a mere $15. Wear them proudly until November 4th (and not to your polling station, please) and then — fingers crossed — feature them prominently in your outfit on January 20th.

[ed. note — there’s a whole warehouse of other Obama gear out there. The officially-sanctioned designer originals, like these Vera Wang and Russell Simmons shirts, are uglier than a Sarah Palin interview. Stick with the clever amateurs at Zazzle and elsewhere, and don’t forget your dog.]


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