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June 23, 1960, Vol. V, No. 35

Saloon Society

By Bill Manville

You’re all familiar with the Playboy-type magazines which attempt to ride the two-headed horse, sex and literature. Well, one of these magazines has just been taken over by a hip publisher who has asked Seymour Krim and me to run the lit half of the thing as far out as we can. Unlike these other books, there will be no policy of publishing second-rate stuff by famous authors. And no commercial restrictions. We’ve got 30 to 40 pages an issue which we will fill with any hip, contemporary material we like…stories, articles, poems, of course. But also those pieces you’ve written and despaired of having accepted because your agent said it has no form…or that it talks to too specialized an audience…or that editors want “up-beat” endings…or that you haven’t developed the plot “tightly” enough. We’ll even give the whole section over to one long work, if we like it, a novel-in-progress, maybe. Cartoons. Jokes. Japanese 17-syllable poems. We’ll buy reproduction rights to a new, contemporary painting, every issue, and reproduce it in full color.

Understand, no sweet delicate stories by 16-year-olds about their first springtime affair, no matter how talented and sensitive. We want hard, swinging, advanced, modern hip writing. Also there’s very little money, but some. And the chance to appear with some of the best writers today. OK, send your stuff in to me, care of The Village Voice. And put the stamp on the return envelope, please.

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