3rd Term Bloomberg: Qualified Yes from Rudy, No from Independence Party Boss


If you’re wondering whether Mayor Bloomberg’s third term is a good idea, be advised that Rudolph Giuliani seems to approve. The former Mayor of 9/11 told the Daily News that while he’d “like to hear Mike’s thinking on it before I say something on it and act prematurely” — the Mayor is expected to announce tomorrow — Giuliani would campaign for Bloomberg if he runs.

This is in advance of any details, such as whether the Mayor would seek or accept the nomination of the Republican Party, of which Giuliani is a member and which Bloomberg quit in June, re-registering as an independent. Lenora Fulani, elder statesman of the Independence Party (not, of course, the only recourse of independent candidates, but an important backer of Bloomberg in his 2001 and 2005 campaigns), told the News yesterday that she still favors the term limits New Yorkers have twice supported in referenda. “Mr. Bloomberg has the right to change his mind on this issue,” she said. “I happen to be a supporter of democracy reform and the people making those decisions.”