Back-Door Messiah? New L. Ron Hubbard Publishers Don’t Mention Scientology


If you watch any television, particularly Fox 5’s daily rerun of “The Simpsons,” you’ve probably come across a commercial for Golden Age Stories, a newly-released series of fictional tomes by science-fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The commercial and the series’ website promise readers action-packed tales of space battles, dangerous women, and pirates. The website presents squibs of praise for Hubbard and refers to him as a “best selling author.

And he is. Hubbard’s most famous book, Dianetics, is a legitimate best-seller. It’s also the blueprint for the philosophy behind Scientology.

Yet nowhere on the website for either Golden Age Stories or publisher Galaxy Press is it mentioned that Hubbard founded Scientology or wrote Dianetics.

Hubbard is chiefly known as the founder of Scientology, yet Galaxy Press goes to great lengths to ignore this fact. Is it a simple oversight, or part of a conscious attempt to stealthily introduce Hubbard’s works to a wider audience without attaching the taint of Scientology’s piss-poor public image to them?

Tiffany Holmes, vice president of marketing at Galaxy Press, has not returned calls for comment. But she and the company’s senior vice president for administration, Peter Breyer, can be seen discussing the launch of the Hubbard fiction line in this video. While they never mention Scientology, Breyer does say Galaxy is doing a “big reach into the educational market… at the middle school, high school level.” (“It’s got enough of an edge to keep kids going,” says Holmes.)