Edible News: Top Chef, More Calories and Political Wine


In a shocking turn of events, the Wall Street Journal conducts a presidential taste-test of wines from Arizona and Illinois, and Arizona wins. A spokesperson for McCain responded to the WSJ: “It appears that, just like the presidential campaign, the fruits of Arizona are of greater substance and texture and are preferred by those with discerning tastes.” Oh, shut up. Do not want. [WSJ]

Following in New York’s footsteps, California will soon require that all restaurants with more than 20 branches post calorie counts. Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the bill today, and then he actually uttered the phrase: “I am really pumped up about this.” [San Jose Mercury News]

Meanwhile, Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, among others, says it will post calories on menu boards nationwide by 2011. [AP]

Bravo has unveiled the 17 cheftestants for the new season of Top Chef, in New York. Of the 17, two are from New York. [E! Online]

AQ Kafe (1800 Broadway), Corton (239 West Broadway) and Secession (30 Hudson Street) are all slated to open this week. [NYT]