Little Britain Comes To Big America!


The hilarious sketch show Little Britain has spawned an American version currently airing on HBO, and it’s all set to tickle, offend, and arouse a whole other continent into incontinence. In this week’s column {CLICK HERE}, I talk to the show’s stars/creators, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, about such things as Clay Aiken, Boy George, and Obama‘s pendulous appendage, assuming he has one.

I also asked Lucas why the guys do drag so much–thank God–with such raucous characters as Bubbles, Vicki Pollard, and Marjorie Dawes. His reply: “The concept is we play as many characters as possible. That could be fat, thin, tall, short, black, white, male, female. In Britain, there’s a long history of comedians playing female characters. That’s not necessarily to be considered a queer thing, it’s just a popular comic avenue to explore. When we do it, we’re not trying to say ‘Look how funny that this female character is played by a man,’ because the characters have to work as a comic characters regardless.”

And they do! But don’t be put off by that “not necessarily queer” thing. Lucas is openly gay and married to his man. And Walliams is either straight or ambiguous, which I think probably means gay too!