Michael Moore’s Cinematic Gift To The Grubbers


I love anything free and in fact have been known to knock down old ladies and publicists to grab an extra gift bag, even if there’s nothing in it but a gift certificate for $10 off if you buy something $5000 or more at Tiffany’s. There’s something about a complimentary anything that sends me paws-first into shrieking orgasms. And a free movie? By Oscar winning rabble rouser Michael Moore? Honey, I’m wetting my knickers with all KINDS of love juices.

The film is Moore’s Slacker Uprising, a documentary about his campus tour in ’04 urging young hooligans to get off their pasty butts and vote. Guest stars include Roseanne and Eddie Vedder, but center stage is Moore himself, offering all kinds of bribes and initiatives to the ambiguous masses to pull a lever and make a difference. And they did! But the Republicans stole it again!

Anyway, you no doubt know this already, but you can download the movie at this link (albeit only if you’re a U.S. or Canadian resident—i.e., if you can see Russia out your back door.) Of course if you feel guilty about taking this gift, you can just buy the DVD for $9.95. But I’ll think less of you. In fact, in THIS economy, I’ll think you’re challenged.