NYC RFD: In This Week’s Queens Gazette


Keep It In Queens” sounds like a Bayside “What Happens in Vegas…” campaign, but it’s actually a local Chamber of Commerce drive to get business and commercial projects humming in the borough. The Gazette‘s article is filled with hopeful references to Willets Point, which the Chamber’s president expects will “employ 20,000 construction workers.” In the spirit of fairness the paper also covers Councilmember Hiram Monserrate’s opposition to the Willets Point project.

The Gazette hails Rep. Joseph Crowley’s heroic attempt to rouse his fellow Congressmen to pass the bailout bill by shouting, “The market is going down 600 points!”; unfortunately, the Gazette reports, “No one responded to Crowley’s yell.”

Plus, a “McCain/Palin Rally” addressed by Curtis Sliwa “Invigorates Queens GOP Effort For Ticket”; Bistro Boite e Cafe brings “the perfect blend of traditional French bistro fare and originality” to Astoria; and Thomas P. DiNapoli, who has “fought to restore public trust and confidence in the Office of the State Comptroller,” is announced as grand marshal of the Queens Columbus Day Parade.