NYers Plan Palin Peckin’ Parties for Thursday Debate


A Democrat need never feel lonely in this town. Yahoo’s Upcoming Events board already lists several New York Vice-Presidential debate parties for tomorrow night. Sentiments run strongly donkey-ward. Hellgate Social will hold “The 2nd Great Wine & Cheese/Marshmallow Throwing Debate Watch Party of Aught Eight,” with “a large bowl of marshmallows to throw at the TV every time Palin says something stupid.” “I decided I can’t handle watching the VP debate without moral support,” says either Pete or Monica Christensen, so they’re holding a fundraiser: “Dressing as a pregnant cheerleader or hockey-playing baby-daddy is optional.” Kiki & Micaelea will throw a “Mexicans for Obama” bash with “margaritas” and “moose shooters. Andale!”

Republicans can hit Jake’s Saloon for the New York Young Republicans’ debate do. “WE HAVE THE WHOLE BAR,” they announce in typical imperialist fashion.