This Week’s Voice: An Interview with JT LeRoy, Built to Spill, T.I., the New York Film Festival, and More


In this week’s Village Voice Music Section, Rob Harvilla looks on as Built to Spill revive 1997’s “get all split on some green and contemplate the cosmos” sad-rock epic Perfect From Now On.

Ben Detrick joins T.I. in saying so long to the gun show with the rapper’s new Paper Trail.

Don Allred revisits the curt, cosmic populism of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Annie Fischer catches up with A-Trak and the Box.

Plus reissues from John Lennon, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Roy Orbison.

In Books, Gavin Browning interviews famous confidence woman JT LeRoy, er, Savannah Knoop, and Abigail Deutsch has a good laugh with Clive James’ new volume of poetry, Opal Sunset.

In Film, J. Hoberman tries to find the humor in religion with Riligulous and Allah Made Me Funny, and Vadim Rizov talks with Airplane! director David Zucker about, yup, his conversion to the Republican Party.

At the New York Film Fest, Aaron Hillis picks five highlights from the filmography of Nagisa Oshima, while Anthony Kaufman interviews the fest’s youngest filmmaker on his movie Afterschool.

Plus reviews of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Blindness, and Rachel Getting Married.

In Art, Ben Davis sees ‘Street Art, Street Life‘ at Bronx Museum, and calls it “lovable,” while Michael Wilson tours local artist Jeff Gabel‘s new show at Spencer Brownstone Gallery.

In Theater, Michael Feingold reviews Harry Potter’s Equus, plus some other, Potter-less plays, and Alexis Soloski heads to Wig Out!.

Plus Best in Show, Lynn Yaeger on our sick economy, Michael Musto on Clay Aiken, and more…