Times Gets Tough With Local Blogger


“In hindsight,” says BushwickBK, “it was stupid to use a photo by a reporter whose work I was poking fun at.” Like a midtown dandy calling the constables on an outer-borough ruffian, the New York Times sent a cease-and-desist order to the nabe-blogger for using photos from a Times story in an item that was largely about the Times story.

(Well, there goes Runnin’ Scared’s art direction model. Henceforth when we use images we just found in the street, honest, officer, we will write “AS IF” in tiny, indecipherable letters at the margin, rendering them parody fair use.)

“Considering our relatively small audience,” asks BushwickBK’s Jeremy Sapienza, “of what value was this to the Times to have their expensive lawyers compose a letter to me and send it through email and USPS?” Because, Jeremy, they were sending more than one message, in both the literal and figurative sense: they’re Big Media, and they can afford to waste petty cash to crush people like you. Hang tough, comrade: blogs are the future. We read it in Fast Company five years ago.