Bloomberg Third Term Reax


People have been speaking out on the Bloomberg third term try since before his announcement today that he’s working with the city council to overturn the law that would prohibit it.

“The editorial boards of newspapers are more important that the public’s will?” says Forest Hills 72. “Mayor Bloomberg is absolutely brilliant at managing public perception. His accomplishments are most noticeable in the nicest areas of New York city –- where the journalists live…” Noticing New York suggested new leadership is needed to “correct mistakes” like Atlantic Yards. “Term limits should certainly not be repealed to retain in office a mayor who has not come to terms with and does not offer limit to the obvious mistakes he has already made.”

Now that Bloomberg has made it official, the conversation is heating up.

The Angry New Yorker, as is his wont, raged: “There are more homeless on the streets now than when Bloomberg took office. Crime is generally up though they sweep the numbers under the carpet with fussy Compstat reporting. Go ahead, have your car broken into and try to report it. See if they’ll even take a report! Yet when it’s quota time, be prepared to take it in the ass, even if you’re not committing any crimes!”

“This is the same mayor who once deemed ‘disgusting’ any attempt to overturn this law without going back to the voters via referendum,” says Rock Hackshaw at Room Eight. “It looks like Mike Bloomberg may be evolving into another duplicitous politician inebriated by political power: right before our unbelieving eyes.”

From commenters at the Jewish New York website Voz iz Neias: “Hello people WAKE up if we don’t reelect BLOOMERS, next summer we wont have WATERFALLS on the BQE duh,” “Although I think he is a better mayor than any of the contenders would be, I don’t like the idea of changing the rules during the middle of the game,” “BIG SHOT IS WHAT HE IS THINKS HE IS SO SMART CAUSE HE HAS A COUPLE OF BILLIONS,” etc.

Comptroller William Thompson says he’s still running for mayor; so did Anthony Weiner. No word yet from Queens councilman Tony Avella.

But Christine Quinn, with whom Bloomberg said he’s working to get the deal done, is probably not running. “If term limits are extended to 12 years from 8 years,” she said at a hastily-announced press conference, “no, I would not run for mayor.”