Cop Board on Taser Lt. Suicide: “Piss On 1PP”


Reaction to the suicide of the NYPD lieutenant involved in last week’s fatal taser incident has been swift and largely angry at Thee Rant, a popular bulletin board for police and their supporters. On one thread Goodtimes78 writes, “RETRAINING but don’ ORDER someone to look out for a MOS who may need help dealing with some stress. Priorities: 1. Save face, appease public. 2. Modify LT for doing this job. 3. Give speech after LT kills himself saying what a tragedy it is.” “IF THE MAYOR AND PC WEREN’T AIMING FOR THE MINORITY VOTE THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED,” says CODE6. “This department functions only because of bosses and cops like him,” agrees bxnarcogr, “and because of the pandering and racial BS nonsense, it will grind to a halt.”

Another much-bumped Rant thread calls for heavy NYPD attendance at the funeral. JJTsux concurs but adds, “The Lt’s family should send a message to the PC and top brass of this Dept and not allow any of them near the wake or funeral.” “Keep them out and piss on the steps of 1PP,” adds Goodtimes78. “No respect? Good. Where the Fvck is ours!!”

“Ray Kelly, YOU have blood on your hands over this incident,” writes SinkingShip. “You are SO quick to pander to the anti-cop minorities and the anti-cop press that you easily give up your own people before all the facts are made clear… The City Of New York, it’s anti-cop media, and most of it’s inhabitants to NOT deserve the work and sacrifice we do for you every day.”

bxnarcogr agrees that “this city deserves nothing in return. The neighborhoods that need us the most are the are the most ungrateful. This is where most of us work. It’s time to send a message. You make friends with us, or live in the gutter that you create.”