Crime Shorts: Stabbing, Shooting, DWI


Marva Braithwaite was just trying to help troubled 15-year-old Tiana Browne when she took her into her Crown Heights home. But Browne allegedly stabbed Braithwaite’s daughter, Shannon, 26 times and cut her throat. She also stole some of the dead girl’s possessions, including a pair of sneakers, which Browne was wearing when apprehended by police yesterday, per the New York Post.

There was a sort of vertical home invasion in a Bensonhurt apartment building yesterday morning, with a masked gunman ordering Xhevdet Nuzi to hand over his money or he would kill two hostages he’d taken from an apartment downstairs. In the chaos neighbor Jessica Enger was shot to death, reports the New York Times. The killer is at large.

Edward Saccone had been drinking at Lipsticks, a Staten Island strip club, but decided to drive anyway. He almost hit a car and started cursing out the driver. The driver turned out to be an off-duty cop. Cops who were not off-duty arrived, found a stash of drugs in Saccone’s car, and arrested him, reports the Staten Island Advance.