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Kathie Lee Gifford The Musical


When the crackling analytical mind of writer Cintra Wilson speaks, I sit my ass down and listen. And Cintra has some kooky yet apparently essential theater to trumpet. She just emailed me to tout her friend Matt Prager‘s new show at the NY Musical Theater workshop—a musical bio of Kathie Lee Gifford called She Can’t Believe She Said That. Well, I can’t believe she caused that, but whether you admire Kathie Lee’s chatting skills or observe her as you would an alien probe of your grandmother, it sounds like this show is for you.

Writes Wilson, “Matt went from being an HBO exec to writing for South Park to being a psychotherapist, and literally all of that is in there. It’s really just an incredibly great and daring piece of work–I called it ‘Jungian Shadow Therapy Meets Lion King’.”

Wowsa! But here’s another shocker: After writing South Park, you don’t need a psychotherapist, you become one? I guess that’s a whole other musical.