Obama Campaign Mind Trick: Says Sarah Palin Among “Best Debaters”


As is well known, Sarah Palin spent the past two weeks acting stupid on purpose to lower expectations for tonight’s debate, so if she doesn’t run crying from the stage it’ll be counted a major win for the GOP.

Today David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager, did some reverse-framing (or counter-spin or jiu-jitsu or whatever they call bullshitting these days) by telling reporters that “Governor Palin is one of the best debaters in American politics,” says Fox News.

When the audible reaction suggested incredulity, Plouffe reaffirmed, “No, she is!”

Having thus convinced the journalists, Plouffe began to work some insidious double-reverse political magic.

Plouffe predicted “very witty, biting lines” from Palin, then told the press they’d love that because they were “like figure skating judges.” To deepen the mystery, Plouffe scoffed at the Gwen Ifill controversy, saying it was just the McCainiacs’ way of “trying to manufacture news to try and quote-unquote win news cycles.”

The spinner spins the spun! We expect the reporters left the press muttering “These are not the Dems we’re looking for” and, instead of turning their self-loathing on candidates they intend to vote for, directing it at themselves where it belongs.