Bronx Pol Calls Palin Winner, Biden Ali, Himself a “Patsy”


Bronx State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz — pro-life, anti-gay marriage — is something of an anomaly in his party, so much so that the hot summer rumor had him caucusing with Senate Republicans in January should they lose control of that house. All because his fellow Dems might allow same-sex marriage.

In the video above Rev. Diaz discusses last night’s Palin/Biden debate, declaring that Palin has changed a lot of minds and that McCain will see a bump in the polls, and compares Biden to Muhammed Ali (and Palin, we suppose by the terms of Diaz’s analogy, to Chuck Wepner).

When asked who the next State Senate Majority Leader will be, Rev. Diaz explains he does not know. “I’m just a soldier,” he said, laughing. “I’m just a patsy.”