Last, Maudlin Column by Steve Dunleavy


We figured we had seen the end of Steve Dunleavy after that lovely testimonial we wrote for him, but the New York Post gives him one last column today, in which he says, “I promise you, this is not goodbye. I promise you I’ll be around to continue doing what I do best, being a pain in the rear end.” Does that mean they’re making him an editor?

As usual in Dunleavy’s columns, there are few useful facts, but he does reveal that he once lectured at Columbia J-school, where “I was about as popular as a fire hydrant at the Westchester dog show.” What, they pissed on him? He must have been really wasted.

We searched the accompanying video for clues, but it just shows a bunch of reporters, cops, and firemen telling us how much they love Steve, sometimes in the morbid past tense. There is also a Geraldo Rivera sighting and one guy who laughingly describes finding Dunleavy passed out in the men’s room. A metaphor, we believe, for journalism in our time: not dead, just asleep in the toilet, and still a pain in the rear end.