Local Press Reactions to the VP Debate (Warning: Bullshit)


New York magazine: “Did it totally seem like these two candidates wanted to get it on, or what?” What.

New York Times: “And Ms. Palin, a former small-town mayor, was unlike any other running mate in recent memory, using phrases like ‘heck of a lot’ and ‘Main Streeters like me’ to appeal to working-class and middle-class voters who feel abandoned by Washington.” In the words of Elaine Bennis, “Well, that’s because you’re an idiot.” [Updated]

“SARAH PALIN’S BIG NIGHT,” bellows the New York Post. “‘Biden, who has a reputation for gaffes, committed a few slips of the tongue, such as when he said Iran was close to Obama, as if his running mate were a country in the Middle East,'” adds the Post, without attributing the quote.

“Sarah Palin didn’t lose debate debut; but Joe Biden didn’t quite win,” says the New York Daily News. Commenters are less equivocal. “what is incredible to me are the differences in the polls between FOX NEWS, CNN, ABC NEWS and some of the other national polls on this debate,” said one, predictably answering his/herself, “the polls are being rigged to make it look like Obama and Biden are winning.”

The Observer suggests that Palin benefited from a lack of “follow-up questions.” “Palin did her reputation a service on Thursday night,” the broadsheet admits. “But that’s not saying much.”

The Staten Island Advance bites an inconclusive AP report, but commenters from the Republican borough make up for it: “you mean the mess that is the economy that the dems created?… Yes the president could have sounded the alarm earlier as he s our leader but look at who is the real culprit in this mess it is not the gop.”

amNY takes the interesting but ultimately (and predictably) disappointing tack of inviting blog comments. Sample: “Bragg: she’s no idiot. Dontre: i disagree! Bragg: she may be inexperienced, but she’s no idiot.”

“Both agreed that reducing emissions was an important factor in combating climate change,” says WCBS.