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Sarah Palin, Wink Wink!


Pluses and Minuses of La Passionaria Palin’s Performance Last Night —

Plus: Truly excellent black dress

Minus: Tourette’s-like inability to control winks

Plus: Excellent, if robotic, command of foreign leader’s funny names

Minus: Bizarre predilection for keeping an infant up at night

Plus: Reintroducing a lexicon last heard on the Andy Griffith show (or maybe that’s a minus?)

Minus: Repeating dumb allegation that Obama voted against a particular bill aiding Iraq troops, which McCain also voted against. (Or maybe that’s a plus?)

Late breaking unrelated news: Fox Business News money-honey Nicole Petallides wearing adorable puffy-sleeved velvet jacket this morning, just said in a burbly voice, “Capitalism is still alive!” Image via (cc)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 3, 2008


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