What a Great Present, Grandpa! My First Period Kit


Cool Mom Picks alerts us to My First Period, a little kit with soothing, feminine colors and imagery all about your daughter’s special time. It includes a DVD in which an instructor, gently and with an occasional encouraging “You go, girl” (and an admonitory “over here” when someone’s attention lags), talks a group of pre-teens through the facts of life, including telltale signs (“You might see this brown stuff on your toilet paper”) and even sex, which she explains is “not for kids.” There’s also a “handy Butterfly Pad Purse to slip into [your girl’s] schoolbag” and a “fashionable Butterfly Wristband.”

The makers understand “how awkward these ‘chats’ can be — and how parents often get tongue-tied or dance around details to avoid embarrassing moments,” but we can’t imagine it’s any more embarrassing than asking your kid to watch a DVD about menstruation. (“I’m supposed to watch it for work but I’m busy, can you look at it and tell me what it’s about?”) We’d like to see the bracelet take off, though; have they considered shopping it to “Gossip Girl”?