Pigott Family “Shun” Ray Kelly; Cop Board Applauds


Anonymous sources tell the New York Daily News that the family of Michael Pigott, the NYPD lieutenant who ordered the fatal taser strike on Iman Morales and subsequently committed suicide, “shun” Commissioner Ray Kelly and Assistant Chief Charles Kammerdener, blame them for “scapegoating” Pigott, and don’t want them at the officer’s wake or funeral.

Commenters at cop board Thee Rant approve, calling Kelly “Judas Iscariot,” “a piece of shyte,” and “Lady Ray McBeth,” and saying the PC has Pigott’s “blood on his hands.”

“Half of his two stars will not talk to him!!!” says Goneandhappy. “He promotes and moves people around based on race and political correctness.” “I would humbly suggest rk no longer be referred to as Popeye,” says NYSC25. “Popeye even as a cartoon showed strength, humility and loyalty.”

In another thread, anger spills onto Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who has said he had no plans to prosecute Pigott for Morales’ death.

“Hynes wanted ‘face time’ and his name in the paper over this Taser incident in order to PANDER TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY,” says Prosay, “and he got it initially by telling the NYPD not to question the two cops involved (a precursor to a criminal investigation) giving Hynes some ‘gravitas’ in the press and in the eyes of his fellow race baiters.” “If the Lt was a F or Monority they would not have gone after him so hard you can bet on that,” agrees 1PPCowards.

Hynes is also criticized for his skills as a writer. “I have read a lot of books,” says FiftyOneFive Oh, “and his novel ‘Triple Homicide’ is one of the worst that I have ever had the misfortune of picking up.”

photo via Red Carlisle (cc)