Ex NYC Club Kingpin Turns Against The Gays?


A friend of mine in Canada, Grant Ramsay, just forwarded me a letter from the new issue of Fab magazine, which screeches against deported club king Peter Gatien for supposedly turning his one eye against the gays. Gatien’s Toronto club CiRCA not only has weird typography, it apparently has some bizarre attitudes towards my sisters — at least according to one disgruntled club star. Read it and explore:

An open letter to Peter Gatien

As an artist, a DJ, and a producer who travels the globe to play in many hot spots, it upsets me when people in Brazil have asked me, “How are things for you at CiRCA?” and I cannot honestly tell them anything good. The nights that once catered to the gay and alternative crowds were swept away in a heartbeat without any explanation given to the public. There is tons of speculation as to why this happened including the fact that many think the club utilized the gay community during the opening days to help pack the house and pump up its local publicity. The gay scene had a massive impact at CiRCA when it opened and it was a major supporter even though the club is smack-dab in the middle of straight clubland.

Some of the biggest nights at CiRCA with names like Peter Rauhofer, Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Tom Stephan, myself and others on the decks brought in a huge amount of support from the gay scene and how were they repaid? With the elimination of the night they could come party and call their own. It’s sad that the one community that helped to build the CiRCA name and help make it what it is/was, has been kicked to the curb. I’ve spoken with a variety of people inside the club who say promoters felt very threatened by the Ballroom crowd since it seemed to be where all the people were.

I do not see or hear about any gay related programming at CiRCA anymore, nor do I see or hear about upcoming gay events (and/or DJs) being welcomed at CiRCA anymore. Instead I see CiRCA rapidly becoming labeled as just another straight club in the district. Is that what you really want to happen? I am telling you for a fact Peter, that type of decision will greatly shorten the life span of your club in this city. I’ve seen it happen over and over again, it’s like watching a bad re-run of “Club Burnout 101.”

Your club is coming up on its one year anniversary. Why not consider bringing the gay culture back to help put all the street talk and gossip to rest. It would show that you do in fact still embrace gay culture and want it to have a place inside your famed establishment again.

Cajjmere Wray