Morning Papers: Rich Guy Gets Cold Feet on Term Limits, NYers Expatriate for Money, Etc.


There’s no pleasing him: The New York Times reports that Ron Lauder, whose reversal on term limits helped pave the way for Bloomberg’s third-term bid, worries that the City Council’s planned overturn of term limits will be permanent, not the one-time shot he had endorsed to keep Bloomberg in office, and says he will oppose it. Lauder says he is “sure there are legal issues” to his single-term plan, “but I am sure there are ways around it” — a good bet, as Lauder, like Bloomberg, is very rich.

Less importantly, Councilmembers Letitia James, David Weprin and Bill DiBlasio, and other non-billionaires spoke against the term-limits flip this weekend, reports NY1.

amNY offers hope for downwardly-mobile New Yorkers: the better life several citizens have found in foreign countries. “I was one of a 100 copywriters” in New York, says David Prager, before he was reassigned to New Delhi; now he enjoys a “massive jump in career responsibility and experience that I never would have gotten in the U.S.”

Odd story in the New York Post: Joseph Wintje is suing his landlady, claiming she evicted him from his Brooklyn apartment because he had a black girlfriend. The landlady, Domenica Pedone, says it was because Wintje is a “bad man.” The landlady’s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, says he had discovered that Wintje is a registered sex offender. Hence the piquant headline, “Rapist Crying ‘Racist.'”

The Post also says that the subways “have slowed significantly over the last three years,” and “subway bosses blame the problems on more track work, heavy ridership, and less money for maintaining cars.”

Rigorously following the local angle, the Staten Island Advance reports that Jerry Cavallaro of Richmond lost his place in the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship in Times Square when “his eyes wandered away from the screen.”