Positively Our Last Shea Stadium Item


The Mets were deprived of a touching final day at Shea, so here’s a nice Lifetime movie framing device from the Daily News: Chris McGonigle, a carpenter in Queens, had taken a jar of dirt from the pitcher’s mound at the now-defunct park and, we suppose, intended to cherish it always. But then he read about Lisa Hasson, whose father’s ashes had been scattered on the mound years earlier. Hasson came back to Shea to get some dad-enhanced mound dirt before the stadium was torn down, but the management declined to allow it. McGonigle, touched, gave his dirt to Hasson. Also offering Hasson dirt: Ralph Bencivenga of Staten Island, who won his dirt in a lottery drawing, and Shea usher Richard Rosenblum, whose dirt was presumably one of the perks of his job.