Sietsema’s Cheap Eats: Southern Chinese Charcuterie


If believe the hysterical, screaming heads on the television, it seems like our economy’s down the tubes, kids. Never fear, there are plenty of completely delicious cheap eats in New York (see our Cheap Lunch! series), and Our Man Sietsema knows all, tells all.

Sit down now, and be quiet. Robert Sietsema’s about to school you in cheap eats. And he’ll do it again tomorrow.

Who can resist a mountain of southern Chinese charcuterie? You’ve got crackly-skinned roast pig on the left, dark and flavorful roast duck on the right, and a bit of steamed pea shoots and cauliflower around the periphery to make you feel virtuous – all deposited on vast quantities of white rice. Oh, and make sure you request the homemade ginger-scallion sauce, which the duck wrangler spoons on top, along with a drizzle of sweet dark Chinese barbecue sauce at Wah Fung #1 Fast Food (79 Chrystie Street, no phone). You could easily share this meal with a friend, but why not eat the whole thing yourself? The price: $3.75