Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Black Gold’s “Detroit”


Last week’s prediction: The Honeydrips?

Uh, take it away, Black Gold: Black Gold is the feeling when it hits your bloodstream, the unease at five a.m. after staying up all night doing things you regret but will do again and again. Black Gold is the taste of blinding white, the numbness on your lips and throat.

So, probably time for a friendly intervention guys. Potentially fictional band Black Gold is made up of two session musicians: Eric Ronick, who plays keyboards on tour for Panic at the Disco, and Than Luu, who may or may not play drums for M. Ward. They are based in Brooklyn but you wouldn’t know that from living there or anything. It’s actually difficult to place your eyes on their MySpace page in way in which would not include some cocaine-related material touching one of your two irises: the coke-mirror graphic for “Plans & Reveries” (not to be confused with debut EP Tragedy & Legacy), the flashing lights–type ocular anesthetic wallpaper and, of course, the lyrics to this week’s free iTunes single of the week, which include subtleties like “Sifting through the white on white/Underneath the failing light.”

The real literal crime here, though, is that these two are clearly on cocaine. How else to explain the sub-U2 falsetto and boilerplate synth-squawk and Verve-strings and Meg White-inspired bass drum-snare drum-bass drum thump but as the shared delusions-of-conversational-and-personal-appeal-related-grandeur of two dudes who continue to ask each other, in 2008, if the other one wants to go ‘skiing.’ Tragedy? Yes. Legacy? Not unless one of them dies theatrically.

Next week’s prediction: blessed silence?