Crane Inspector Indicted


Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau announced today that former Acting Chief Inspector for Cranes and Derricks James Delayo was being indicted for certifying cranes and operating licenses without necessary inspection of the equipment or vetting of the individuals being licensed.

Delayo apparently admitted to prosecutors that he had received over $10,000 in bribes over 12 years from one Michael Sackaris, “de facto owner” of the Nu-Way Crane Service. Sackaris and his firm were also charged, as was Michael Pascalli, a Nu-Way operator who allegedly received a license without being examined by Delayo.

All parties are looking at multiple felony charges; Delayo is charged additionally with Bribe Receiving in the Second Degree.

The prosecutions come at a time when crane accidents in New York and elsewhere have been much in the news, leading to outrage, lawsuits, and new regulations.

When Delayo and the others were first arrested in June, a poster at Topix said, “I’ve known Mike from Nu-Way” — presumably referring to Pascalli — “for years… He has a lot of balls to open up the largest Non-Union crane company in NYC. I give the man respect for going after local 14 head on.” The poster further alleged that “some of the past Cranes & Derrick inspectors” had it in for non-union companies and refused to accept even their valid certifications.