HX Scandal Update!


Remember last week’s volatile post saying that I had been asked to judge HX magazine’s Mr. HX contest at Splash, but then was told by the organizer that after a meeting with the gay mag’s owner, they decided to go in another direction with the pageant and I was not needed? I was perversely amused by the gay gall involved in firing someone from basically doing them a favor!

Well, here’s the timeline of what happened after the blog ran:

I got an email from the owner, seeming to not know a thing about what had happened and what I’d written about it, asking me to be a judge! (Not much internal communication going on there, huh?)

I sent him a link to the blog. He responded that the organizer had obviously misunderstood a comment he made saying that they should go for some comics and/or performers as judges. He said she had clearly taken it upon herself to dump me and that he had no idea I’d been invited, let alone uninvited. He wanted me to do the event.

The organizer then emailed her own apology and explanation, and I typically melted from all the ass kissing and decided to rise above for a change and just do it.

But then a source claimed that what REALLY happened was that there’d been a meeting where the owner decided they should go for bigger names a la Janice Dickinson and Tim Gunn. The judges already chosen were fired before they even tried to get these bigger names (who strangely don’t seem available to judge a gogo contest).

That horrified me and I flip-flopped, telling the HX guy that I really should take a pass on this and we can be friends after it all blows over. He said the source was wrong–they always wanted to try for people like Janice and Tim and he certainly wanted a space for me too.

Whatevs. This gay Rashomon is giving me a gay rash. Still, I’m looking forward to presenting at the HX awards this summer. I haven’t been uninvited from that yet.