Joe Six-Pack, Hockey Moms Fail to Buy Palin Iraq Pitch, Says Treasonous Nielsen


The Nielsen blog reports that their team of dial-twisters, who recorded their moment-by-moment reactions to the Palin-Biden debate, gave their “overall most positive response” to “Biden’s discussion of ending the war in Iraq,” and their least positive response to Sarah Palin’s comments on the same subject.

This suggests that the war in Iraq may be unpopular, which of course taints the results and renders them useless. More telling is the response of $1000-a-plate GOP fundraiser attendees, who greeted Sarah Palin’s plea to “tell people about the real Barack Obama” with “thunder, hoots, an ovation.” There’s your real America, not a bunch of twiddler paid off with plates of sandwiches and tote bags.

We’ll be watching tonight’s debate with a bunch of Klansmen and military contractors, and will report back with a true reading of the national reaction.