McCain-Obama Debate Rightwing Reax: We Won, By Which We Mean We Lost


Among top rightbloggers, an eerie calm descends: they of course insist on McCain as victor but, perhaps as a result of another 500 point Down drop, without much enthusiasm. The kids at National Review‘s The Corner treat self-proclaimed victory as if it were a consolation prize. Por ejemplo, Lisa Schiffren, a perfectly reliable rightwing operative, said McCain gave a “very solid performance” but Obama “came off as a plausible alternative.” Bill Ayers! cries Andy McCarthy. Why didn’t McCain say Bill Ayers! Not to mention a “terrorist sympathizer.” (That’s your job, amigo.)

Michael Graham is reduced to wishful thinking: “Too Bad Tina Fey Doesn’t Look More Like Sen. Obama.” Sure, now ask Hollywood to bail you out. Hasn’t he forgotten they’re all traitors?

The popular Instapundit forges consensus: the debate was “dull,” a Phyrric victory at best. Even the deranged The Anchoress could only assert that Obama “lost a lot” — a backhanded compliment at best to her present electoral Savior.

“I think I’m going to throw up,” says Michelle Malkin. Also faults McCain for insufficient adherence to rightwing talking points. “He forgot to mention Jim Johnson, ACORN, etc., etc.” We thought he was pretty aggressive, but with our rotten luck we’ll probably live to see how Republican Candidate Malkin will handle such a debate — probably with a bullhorn and a taser.

Even the excitable Ace O’Spades grumbles, “Ugh. Barack Obama is a lying c… country western singer, but no game changer, so effectively he wins,” advocates “two weeks of serious negative campaigning.” There, at least, he won’t be disappointed.

“The silver lining,” says Jesus freak Rod Dreher, is that “Obama and the Democrats are going to own this godawful mess. And the conservative movement can clear the deadwood out of the way, and start to rebuild itself into a credible force.” The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.